Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spring, as Told by Things & Others

   No, I live near the equator. There are no such things as spring, summer, autumn, winter - there are only drought and rainy season - oh wait, durian season, mango season, holiday season, rambutan season, ...
   Well, as an equator person, I don't know much common things in spring, but I have some spring to-do ideas for your to-do lists!

1. Make Pom-poms!

   Making pom-poms is a fun thing to do! It looks a bit difficult, but it's not that complicated, trust me. Plus, there are many cute and unique pom-pom tutorials out there!

2. Paint Your Planters!


   Flowers usually blossom when it's spring. Make their planters blossom, too!


   Roadtrips leave us many great memories. Keep them!

4. Create a Caterpillar Farm!


   Keeping them - from eating your plants - uncontrollably.

    Lucky you. 

So, what are you gonna do in springtime?


  1. The planters are adorable! I want to make some of the journals, as well. :)

    1. Can't wait to see how they turned out! :D