Saturday, May 31, 2014

When It's Close to Exam Season ...

   This week, my school hold exams for grade 1 to grade 5. That's why these days I rarely post anything. And yes, they make me bored. Stack of books, pencils everywhere, crumpled papers, no laptop, TRIPLE NOPE. So, this weekend, let's having fun! (based on a research, don't study in the night before the exam. Just chill.)

1. Read Tapastic Comic

   Visual comics are booming right now. But sometimes, if you want an instant reading, you can download its app in Play Store ore App Store. It has many kind of visual comics. Don't forget to subscribe for the comic you want so you don't have to search whole app for it. One more thing: you can also upload your comic there!
   For web-reading, click here

2. Play Games

    GAMES, the lord of relaxing brain for over 20 years. If you love something challenging, you can try something like Candy Crush Saga or Disney's Free Fall Series, like Maleficent Free Fall or Frozen Free Fall. Board games lover? Try chess or Classic Words Plus. Oldschool style? Perfect to play Battleship or Tetris. Or, play quiz games - they can help you studying!

3. Instructabling

   Saturday morning, you got up at 7am. You hear your father yelled from the backyard, ordered you to help him making a wooden boat. Then, from the bedroom, your mother shouted to you, gave an order to help her making a crochet bag. Worried? Open Instructables to find many Do-It-Yourself tutorials. You can also publish your own tutorials and compete in challenging contests there. Read it here or download the app.

4. Read Some Books

   Books can help you relax. Books can give you informations you needed for exams without feeling forced to study.
   I like reading novels with cool / awesome cover design and illustrations. They make me feel very confident to read them in trains, planes, cars, etc. If you don't like 'traditional' books, you can try e-books. My favorite sources are Wattpad, Scribd, and Widbook.

5. Play Some Musics / Videos

   Musics help me (and also you, obviously) relax. There are many music-streaming apps & websites out there, My fav is, of course, YOUTUBE! But there are also Myspace, Soundhound, TuneIn Radio, and bloggers' favorite, Grooveshark. It's your choice to choose, though.

What? You still feel bored yet? Okay, now go to the nearest mall. Maybe it can helps you.

By the way, what do you do in weekends before exams?

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