Friday, May 29, 2015

Interview with Amna from Crafty!

   Hello all! Finally I can relax after six days of exams! And sorry for the absence, maybe I should start making crafts again ... *sigh*
   And, did you know? I've got a new craft blogger friend, Amna from Crafty ! From her blog, you already know she's a talented girl. Now, finally I get the chance to interview her! Say hello to the audiences, Amna!
  So, let's get this started!

1. For you, what is a 'blog'?
    For me a blog is a place where you express your thoughts or spread your ideas around the world. It is a platform for everyone to spread their voice. If you become popular and successful once, you can make a living through blogging.
2. Who / what inspires you to blog?
   Jenni from I Spy DIY inspired me to blog. I loved her crafts and other stuff so I thought why shouldn't I start my very own?
3. When did you start blogging?
    I started blogging on 27 May 2014, and my only blog is Crafty (just preparing to celebrate its first anniversary 🎉) (Congratulations Amna!) 😁
4. What are your friends/families' opinion about your decision to start a blog?
   My family and friends didn't knew that I had started blogging. I told my parents while hesitating because I didn't took their permission to do so. They were actually so happy when they got to know this and they wished me luck. The always help and guide me whenever I need them. My friends on the other hand were extremely impressed. Some of my friends didn't believed me. Here in my country, people don't know much about blogging so some people were actually confused when I told them. But my parents are extremely proud of me, they tell everyone about me and they have never stopped me from doing anything public. In my country, females are stopped from exposing or participating much in public, but I thank Allah that my family isn't such one.
5. Have you ever experiencing 'blogger's block' ? How did you feel about it?
   Umm, yes. I felt hopeless. I actually thought that I should stop blogging, but my family encouraged me and gave me ideas.
6. You know your post is ready to post when it already has ... ?
    It depends on the situation actually, sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.
7. Do you have any habits when writing a post? Like, drink a tea, eat a chocolate, etc. ...
    No I don't. I just write a post when I take a view at my project photo-shoot and I say "Yeah, that is good enough".
8. For you, what's the best post you have ever write & publish?
    For me the best post I have written is every post I have ever written :D but the viewers mostly liked my post "DIY Laptop Decoration/Stickers", although, it had the worst pictures I have ever taken. It has about 500+ views as of today.
9. Any blogging tips?
    Do recheck you material for any mistakes. Promote your content by yourself, don't rely on others. Take good photos and work hard on your blog design. If possible, buy your own domain and don't advertise to much content on your blog as it looks extremely messy. Promote you blog on social media and set up a Facebook page as it is one of the largest platforms for promotion. Interact with other bloggers as much possible.
10. Any messages for the new craft bloggers out there?
     Always believe that what you write is perfect. People will appreciate it but those who don't are just jealous that you are way more better than them :) And if you photography is good, submit your posts to craftgawker as you'll get a lot of views when you get featured over there.
   Have you ever visit Amna's blog? What are your favorite posts? Mine are Kawaii Wall Art, Foam Stamps, and No Sew Foamic Sheet Pouch, and basically almost all of her posts! Although I've seen some other version of her tutorials in the internet, her tutorials has unique taste and her photos have beautiful angles and views! And did you know? She's a Buzzfeed contributor! And there are many things that will surprise you in her 'About' page. I think I should learn things to her ...


  1. AWW! Thank you so much for the sweet intro and outro! It was really a pleasure to get interviewed by you. Here's my interview of your's:

  2. So sweet :) very nice interview dear. I enjoyed reading! happy blogging :)

  3. Really inspiring interview- it reminded me to keep working on making my blog the best it can be!