Guest Posts


Have any unique DIY tutorial + tips you want to share here?
  1. My favorite topics are DIYs and tips, but if you have another topic, let me know and I will decide if it is suitable for my blog.
  2. Interviews are allowed, but we are swapping interviews - you can interview me + put it in your blog, and I will interview you + put it here.
  3. By guest-posting, it means we swap guest posts - you post yours here, and I post mine in your blog, but if you don't want to do it, it's okay - you can just place my button / link to my blog in yours, and I will place your button / link here!
  4. I usually publish my posts in Saturdays / Sundays, so, unless you request for another day, I'll post your guest post between those days.
  5. You can send your guest post to - as a MS Word document, or you can write it manually in your mail.
Happy Writing!

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