Thursday, June 26, 2014

DIY Caterpillar Farm

    Holiday's almost over, most of my friends are still on a vacation, but hey, I still have a friend here! A caterpillar-you can call it 'Piitter' (don't ask me why I give it that name). It's an ordinary caterpillar you can find at orange plants. I keep it (and another 12 caterpillars I had kept) in some jars. It's like having a caterpillar farm! You can give them leaves, watch them grow, become cocoon, then pop! Become some beautiful butterflies! There are so many ways to keep them, but I use one of the simplest ways! Let's get started!

1. Materials

   All you need to make a caterpillar farm are an empty (I recommended from glass) jar, a rubber band, a gauze, some leaves, and of course your little friend, caterpillar(s).

2. Place The Caterpillar and The Leaves

    My caterpillar is a bit fretful, so I put it in the jar first so it cannot run everywhere. Moreover, it was windy that day. I don't want my caterpillar and the leaves fly in the wind.

3. Place the Gauze

     Now place the gauze on the mouth of the jar. Why I choose gauze? Because it can prevent the caterpillar to escape and preclude any insects, but the caterpillar can still breath!

4. Place the Rubber Band

   Now place the rubber band around the jar's neck.

5. Ta-Ra!
   Now you have your own caterpillar farm! You can put it outside or in the house, too! But don't forget to give the caterpillar leaves so it will not starving!
   Okay, that's all for now, see you next time!

P.S.: You can find this in Instructables, and you can find the 2nd image in my Instagram!


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