Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY Painted Planter

   One, two, three ... Oh, don't mind me, just counting abandoned planters scattered around my house.
   Planters, are for plants. But are there any useful ways to get rid of your planters? I'll give you the answer, but first, prepare these materials:

1. An abandoned planter
2. Some poster paints (red, blue, yellow, white)
3. Some paintbrushes
4. A pallet
5. A glass of water (for the paint)
6. A glass of tea / coke / coffee (for yourself)



   First, white paint!


   Second, paint it as you want!

   You can also paint the inside ... 

   ... and done!

What can the planter do?

1. An Mini Terrarium / decoration
    Place: Sittingroom , bedroom, bathroom, etc. 

2. A Pencil Holder 
   Place: Bedroom, Workshop/craft room, study room, etc.


1. If you want to place the planter indoor, paint it using poster paint. But, if you want to place it outdoor, use iron paint or wood paint - anything waterproof.

2. For brighter color, cover it with white paint first.

3. Wash it first before you begin to paint it.

4. Planters usually have holes, so either you can cover them or use the planters to hold things that don't fit in the holes

Okay, that's all for today. Hope you enjoy it, and bye-bye!


  1. This is super cute. :)

    1. Thanks Maddy! I still have a lot to learn, though :D
      Btw, your blog is cute and unique! :)