Friday, July 25, 2014

DIY Back-to-School


 Well, (in my country) school starts a few weeks ago, so yes, this post is, actually, late. But no problem, I think.
   Now for (late) celebrating back-2-school, I'll show you how to make a mini notebook from cardboard box! Let's get started!

1. Materials

   All you need are a cardboard and some unused papers (the size is 20x14 cm), a (super)glue, a washi tape, scissors, plastic/paper ribbons, and a pen or marker.

2. Let's Make!

   Put the papers on the cardboard, then fold them like in this photo. If there are some papers longer than the cardboard, cut them.


   Place a plastic ribbon around the papers and the cardboard, then glue it using the (super)glue. Wait until the glue running dry.


   Now, open it widely, then decorate it! I use washi tape, anyway, but you can also use stickers, colorful markers, the possibilities are endless!


   Yay! Now your fancy mini-notebook is ready to use! Enjoy!

3. Bonus: Examples!

Do you have any simple notebook DIY?

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