Sunday, February 8, 2015

6 Uniquely Useful How-To Apps

   Almost everything in the world need guides. Peoples that have a religion need their gods' guides so they don't go to the wrong way. A craft-maker (like us) needs guides about making a craft, or using some specific craft materials. Conclusion: We All Need Guides.
   And that's why some people make how-to apps, so we know how to make / repair things!
   (By the way, this is my first 'list-of-websites' post since my blog's very first post ... )

1. Instructables

    Instructables is my favorite how-to app, you know! It has tons of How-Tos from many kinds of topics, and also, we can post our own!
   Its other uniqueness is, we can compete in many competitions - and they have cool prizes for the winners! But I hate its outdated smartphone UI & logo ... hope they will update 'em!

OS                        : iOS, Android
Have a Website?: Yes

2. WikiHow

    Alike its counterpart Instructables, WikiHow also contains many how-tos (and yes, we can also post our own there), but it focuses more in topics about life (like 'How to Have a Talent, How to be Interesting, How to Travel in Russia, etc.) But it still has topics about DIYs, so don't worry!
   Unfortunately, like Instructables, It has out-of-date smartphone UI & logo. Seriously ... 

OS                       : iOS, Android
Have a Website?: Yes

3. Pinterest

    Pinterest has many functions, I think. It can be our inspiration source, and also our how-to website. Nowadays we can find tutorials about making ROBOTS - so, that's why I think Pinterest is also a how-to app.
   For its UI & logo, I think they are simple yet beautiful! Just hoping that one day, they will create a craft competition / event ...

OS                        : iOS, Android
Have a Website?: Yes

4. BrightNest

   It's like WikiHow for your home! It has many types of clever household hacks! Also, it provides to-do lists, so you know which projects you should do next. Plus, ... an interactive home quiz! This app is so awesome!

OS                        : iOS, Android
Have a Website?: Yes

5. Snapguide

    If you need an Instructables in your life but you prefer something fancier, Snapguide is the one for you! Yes, it looks like Instructables, but with georgeous UI that looks like Pinterest's. And they also held contests!

OS                       : iOS
Have a Website?: Yes

6. Trusper

   Basically, Trusper is Snapguide with funny blue tosca color. But it has unique Q&A page, where you can post some photos in your questions, plus a page for redeeming your gift cards. Simply cool!

OS                         : iOS, Android
Have a Website? : Yes


   And that's all I have today! Actually I want to post a
Diy - but I feel a bit sick right now, so ... sorry! I'll try to make + post it next week ...
   So, with all these How-To Guides Apps, which are your favorites?

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