Saturday, February 14, 2015

START: A Starter Kit Jar

   Giving gifts is a confusing business, right? For instance, one of your friend is going to have a birthday soon, but you don't know what his / her favorite gifts! Sometimes not giving the right gifts can become a serious problem, you know - maybe they will think that you mock them, or whatsoever.
But, I can help you - I have an idea!
   How about you give them a jar full of things they'll need when they have their unique dream jobs? Like, if he / she wants to be a designer, fill the jar with drawing stuff, like pencils with different grades, coloring pencils, pens, coloring pens, rulers, etc. Or you can fill the jar with items they need for regular occasion, like travel-size bathroom things! It's okay as long as the jar can hold all of them.
   So, let's get started!

Here's what you should know about the one who will be the receiver of the jar:
  1. You should know their unique hobbies / dream jobs / projects they want to make & things their dream job / projects required.
  2. You should know when are their birthdays.
For the jar:
  1. Choose big jars so you can fill it with many things.
  2. Use plastic jars- just in case the receiver accidentally drop it.

   Ready? Let's make it!

1. Fill, Decorate!
    I fill my jar with mini stationeries - for writing on-the-go. And I decorated it with washi tapes - simple! For more jar-decorating ideas, take a look on my past post.

3. Give it.
    You can give it to your neighbor, your friend, your relative, your coworker, basically you can give it to anyone who interested with stuff in it / anyone who need the things inside!


   And that's all for this 'START' post! Do you have any unique gift-packaging ideas?



  1. This is such a cool idea! Thanks for sharing.