Sunday, May 18, 2014

10 Useful Scrapbooking Websites


 Scrapbooks are booming right now around the world! You can find many scrapbooks store in malls or maybe, online shop. But, usually, scrapbook supplies are expensive, like in my country, Indonesia. But, don't worry! There are some websites that have some free scrapbook printables for you! Check them out!
*update: now with screenshots!

1. Mr. Printables 

   Probably one of the most useful web ever! Not only scrapbook printables, you can find another creative projects here, like for 4th of July or Father's Day. Be sure to check it out!

2. Love Papercrafts

   With pastel colors and simple designs, this web has best design to make visitors happy. But, the best point, they have many, many, many freebies with cute designs!

3. Kesi'art

   My only problem with this website is... they use French! Well, sometimes they use English as well. But, don't worry! Their designs are beautiful and simple. Also, they have a freebie here.

4. Craftgossip

   Not only scrapbook things, you can also find many new crafty and inspiring tutorials here. Perfect for refreshing after a rough day.

5. Kat's Scrappy, Bloggy Life

   What if parenting meets scrapbooking? Yes, you can find them together here. Also, there are a lot of crafty tutorial and ideas. Perfect for a crafty parent!

6. Scrapbook Printables

   Like it's name, you can find many free printables here. Yes, this blog is a bit plain, but you can find many unique design here! And of course, useful!

7. Bananafish Studio

   Patterned background with colorful images and simple-but-cute header? A-ma-zing! Free downloads, tutorials, and newsletter? PERFECT BLOG.

8. Mel Stampz

   You can find almost everything here. SCRAPBOOK? check. DIY? check. IDEAS? check. FREEBIES? check. CUTE CAT? ... check!

9. Mein Lila Park

   Freebies! Freebies everywhere! Yes, you can find many many many printables and freebies here. Perfect if you love something like kids party or garden party, scrapbooking, and do-it-yourself things.

10. One Velvet Morning

     First post you see: FREEBIES. Second: FREEBIES! I am in freebies heaven! But you can also find projects and digital scrapbooking templates here ... yay!

   Yes, that's all I can find at the internet. Do you have any favorite scrapbooking blog?

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