Saturday, February 28, 2015

My Hobby ...

 Hi, all! Sorry for my absence last week - there are much things for the 6th-grader to do, starting from this month until May. Try-outs, exams, etc ...
   Fortunately, my hobby doesn't need fancy requirements - except a stamp book. Yeah, you're right.

   My hobby is postage stamp-collecting, or, basically, I am a stamp collector!
   It all started when I found my mom's old stampbook. And shortly after that I went to Jakarta and went to Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Garden's Philately Museum. There I bought some unique old stamps in good conditions - 3 from East Germany, 3 from Poland, and a bunch from Indonesia. It's an awesome museum, really.
So, what do we need if we want to be a stamp collector?

1. A Stamp Book
It's the best place for storing your stamps, because - it's a stamp book!

2. A Magnifying Glass 
     To identify your stamp's 'unique things' (watermark, printing year, name of things they celebrated).

*note: they are the very basic things stamp collectors should have.

Why do I call myself a 'stamp collector'?
   Philatelist usually refers to 'someone who collects stamps', but actually, a philatelist is 'someone who identifies stamps'. Some of them don't even have stamp collections - they usually identify someone's stamps (museums' collections, etc.). Although sometimes I try to identify mine, I can't find anything special ... Sigh.

Are there any things any stamp collectors should know?
   For me, there is only one: Separating Stamps from Its Paper.
Want to know how to do it?
1. Prepare your stamp

2. Cut it

3. Put it on a bowl of water. Wait for 5 minutes

4. Take it, peel it off from its paper, and wait until it dries off.

5. Put it in your stamp book

And ... Done! 
 Yep, it's that simple!

   Okay, that's all for now. Hopefully it can help you. And again, sorry for my lack of posts!

By the way, do you have stamp collections?


  1. Brilliant post ! My hobbies are blogging,reading (I don't know if that counts ) and riding my bike. Sometimes I collect random items : )
    Also I added your button on my blog !


    1. Whoa! Thanks Hannah! By the way, my other hobbies are blogging & reading, too! :D