Friday, January 23, 2015

Inspirations & Others #1

   I have a compilation of inspirations for you today! To be honest, I post them in one post either because their tutorials are too short to have their own posts, or because I want to share it to you - but already made it without taking photos for tutorial, and don't have some of the materials to make another.


Washi Tape Paper Clip
   All you need are a paperclip and a washi tape. Stick the tape on the paper clip, and ta-da!
   If you are curious what's my paperclip hold, they are free printables from Kesi'art! Check 'em here.
   *Website in French


   DIY Notebook Cover
   You just need a note book, a glue, some washi tapes, some cute illustrations (I got them from National Geographic for Kids' Fun Stuff Pages), some markers, scissors and some cardstock papers.


   DIY Calendar
   Cardstock papers, some markers, scissors, washi tapes, and a ruler - it's that simple.


   DIY Washi Tapes Holder
   Not exactly a DIY, actually. It's an abandoned CD holder :D

   Okay, that's all I have now. Do you have any DIY inspirations or ideas? If yes, feel free to tell about them here!


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