Saturday, January 10, 2015

START: Your Own Private Library + FREEBIES

   The idea of a library is actually fun, y'all. Like, we can rent a book for FREE for a week. And we can choose which book we want to read. Okay, let's just forget those old, grumpy librarian, but without them, the library's a total mess! So thank them for taking care of those books you borrowed!
   I got an idea of my own library from Knock Knock Personal Library Kit. And from my book-lover friends. If you have the materials (and you are diligent enough), you can make it in one day! Here's what you need to make (or have):


A freakin' note book
    This is a wedding invitation, actually. But I use it as a library note book.

   You need to write the name of the borrower, the book's title, and when it should be returned. You can add 'when the book borrowed' or somethin'.

*additional: a list of books that can be borrowed.


Some 'return' cards
   So the borrowers know when they should return your books. I made the card out of cake boxes and the holder from flyers.
    Put the card inside its holder, and stick them to the book using sellotapes or glue. 


~additional~: Some Library Cards
   There are different uses of a library card at different libraries. Maybe you can contributing a review of a book for the library, can borrow 2 books at the same time, or ... anything.
   To make your own (handmade) library card, use a cardboard box.

   Btw, this is one of my library cards


A pack of stamps + stamp pad
   Libraries (always) have stamps, so why not? You can make your own stamps or buy one. SO FANCY!


~additional again~: A pencil case + pencils /  pens
   So you don't have to freak out in the middle of library's 'rush hour' because your pencil magically disappear.


~additional again and again~: A librarian glasses
   Either so you can see clearly, or intimidate your borrowers so they return the books quickly - while looking very professional.


~very important~: Books
1. Make sure your book is in a good condition
2. Have more than 5 books so your borrowers still return to you to borrow a book again.

*Update: FREEBIES!

   To help you make your own private library, I give you some 'Return Cards' Printables! You can download them here and use them as:
1. an inspiration for your own 'Return Cards'
2. a real 'Return Cards.' 
    Print them on some kind of cardboard papers (buffalo papers, etc.), 
    or print them on ordinary A4 papers.

   This is my first experience on creating share-able freebies, so, if my printables are broken/un-download-able, please message me!

   Okay, that's all for now. See you in my next post, and happy crafting!

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