Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life Hacks #3: How to Make Loom Chains #2

   Well, remember the first post? When I show you how to make loom chains? Now I will show you how to make the same loom with a bit 'modification'. Prepare your loom kit, we are going to go!

Spoiler again: This is the result

1. Materials

   Loom kit. Admit it.

2. Get Started!


   A. Place a '8' band and two '0' bands on your loom.

   B. As usual, using the hook, pull the '8' band so it clamp the other two '0' bands.

   C. As you see, slip the hook between the '8' band, place two bands near the tip of it, pull them, and you are right if your result is like 3rd photo.

   D. Do again the C's steps, but now, place only ONE band near the tip of the hook, pull it over, and the result is like 3rd photo.

   Now follow the sequence (C-D) until the chains are long enough for your purpose. And that's all. But it's a bit complicated too, you know.

   Okay folks, next time I will post another thing for you! Bye!

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