Saturday, July 12, 2014

Life Hacks #3: How to Make Loom Chains #1

   Seriously, I can't found any people write about how to make loom chains in internet! It was when I buy my loom kit (remember?), and in my head, I asked myself, 'how to make loom chains?'. Fortunately, some if my friends have loomband bangles, so I borrow one of them and tried to imitate the loom chains, and yay! My first loomband bangle is ready!
   Then, I tried to make my own version. But I think it's better to show you how to make the basic first. Okay, let's go!

Spoiler: This is the result

1. Materials
       Just take your loomband kit.

2. Make It!
    A. As usual, put a band in the form of 8 first, then put another two bands in the form of 0, to your loomband chain-maker (I forget its name, anyway).

   B. Using the hook, pull the '8' band and make it clamp the two '0' bands

   C. Now slip a band under the '8' band

   D. Slip another band under the previous band.

   Do them again and again until the chains are long enough for you.
   Okay, that's all for now. You can find this tutorial in my Instructables (aisyahana). Oh wait, next time I will post about my own loom chains. See you!

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