Sunday, July 6, 2014

DIY Hunt! Loomband Kit

   Yesterday I went to Galaxy Mall, a mall near my housing. There are two craft shops there-one is a scrapbook store and the other is a fancy stationery shop. They sell rare things from overseas, and of course, they are pretty expensive.
   After circled the shop, I found this rare DIY kit (in Indonesia), a loomband kit!

   The kit is made by Popcorn Fancy, inc. in Korea (maybe. I cannot found their website). There are 3 kinds of kit in the shop; a starter kit, with fewer loomband. A medium kit, which I bought. And a pro kit, which have many kinds of loomband colors. The starter kit is $2 ($1=Rp 11.000), the medium kit is $3, and the pro kit is $5. The pro kit is way too expensive, and they don't have any instruction manual, but the starter kit is too boring, so I bought the medium kit.

   After struggling to make my first loomband bangle, this is the result.

   Well, it is a bit plain. But I feel very happy!

   Okay, that's all for now. Next time I visit a craft store, I will review another thing for you! Enjoy!

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