Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Easy Guide of Keeping Your Crafts


   Hi all! Sorry for waiting so long! After a month of celebrating Eid Al Fitr, I start to go to school... as a 6th grader! Yay! But yeah, it's pretty rough btw.

   Today, I'm going to show you do's and dont's to keep your crafts (materials and the final form)! Now, prepare your fancy metal boxes, and let's get started!

1. Never Keep Your Loomband Outside 

   I don't know if this case also happen to 'branded' loombands, but there's some stratch on my loomband after I kept it on my desk. Short time before I write this, I wore that loomband bangle, and yes, it snapped! I never kept it in something; I just place it on my desk, and yeah, that happened.
  Safer Option: Keep your loomband crafts in a box.

2. Display Your Papercrafts
    When I was a little girl, I liked to made papercrafts, like plane origami (is that EVEN a papercraft?), some random collages, unused bookmarks made out of cardboard boxes, and some other useless crafts. I like, just put away on the family room's table, and someone will get rid of it. And yeah, four years later, I found it, crumpled, torn everywhere, more useless than ever before. Last home I know? Trashcan.
   Safer Option: If you have some good papercrafts, you can keep it on a display rack in your house, or if you don't want it, you can dismantle it and keep it for your next crafts' materials.

3.Keep School Projects' Crafts in a Drawer or a Box
   Maybe you think that crafts you made in art lesson at school is, well, 'so ordinary', 'lame', or anything else. Honestly, I think so, but sometimes you need them for brainstorming for your new craft project, or maybe, you have to make that kind of craft in the future!
   Safest Option: Well, you can use or keep your school projects' crafts, or if you want to throw them into the trashcan, make sure you don't throw away the ornaments!

4. Running Out of Spaces for Your Materials? Donate them!
   For example, you have some scrapbook stickers and washi tapes. But you didn't use all of them, even you forget that you have them. So? Donate! Maybe you want to influence your friends to make crafts from looms? Or maybe, teach them how to make a fancy notebook from cardboard boxes?
   Safer Option: All your classmates wants to borrow your craft kits? You can put some of them in the class so you don't have to be blamed by your classmates for not bringing your newest washi tapes!

   So, yeah, that's all for now. Oh, I almost forget it, yesterday was Indonesia's Independence Day, and I just want to say this to my fellow Indonesians,

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