Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tips for a Good Digital Scrapbook


   If you love scrapbook but : hate-being-messy-when-making-one, busy businesswoman, or in a low-budget-status college student, you will love digital scrapbook. No mess and flexible time! And the best thing is... yes, you can find many free supplies for it! If you are a newbie in digital scrapbooking, here are some tips for you!

1. Use Adobe Photoshop
   I don't push you to use this app. I know, there are many online digital scrapbook app, but if your internet broken, you can use Adobe Photoshop. Did not require any internet connections (except when you download it). The good point is, you can add emboss detail or shadow detail to make your digital scrapbook looks more real. But the menus are a bit confusing. Fortunately, Shabby Princess has the tutorials for digital scrapbooking here.

2. Don't Use Supplies from Stock Photos
   Seriously, there are many websites that have free digital scrapbooking supplies, so why you use stock photos? Okay then. Pixel Scrapper has many kinds of free supplies here.

3. Search for an Inspiration
   Are you a newbie? It's okay. To make a stand-out digital scrapbook, you have to frequently search for inspirations. But remember: don't copy someone else's digiscrap.
   You can find many inspirations from Pinterest, Google Images, or digital scrapbook websites.

4. Ask
   Time to get up! Then ask those digital scrapbooking's experts. Don't be shy, if they answer your questions, you are one of the most luckiest people in the world.

5. Make a Blueprint or Template
   Sometimes, we are getting confused when making a digiscrap.
   "Where I should place this photo? What about these embellishments? And these photos too?"
   It's easy. Just search 'digital scrapbooking templates' and you can find some arrangement inspirations for digiscraps. Or you can just draw it on a paper.

   And... Voila! Now you can make them. Do you have any digital scrapbooking advices?

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