Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Just Some Life Hacks

   Happy Lazy-Boring-Grumpy Day! Now I want to show you some common-and-simple life hacks for all of you!

1. 5 Minutes-or-Less Sketchbook/Notebook

   The most common life hack. Perfect for a 'rookie artist'. You can use it when you attend a seminar, or in a math test. Remember this formula: Pc+SP (Paper Clip+Some Paper).

2. Simple Page Marker

   A Simple-but-not-too-simple life hack. Just cover an ice cream stick with washi tape, and then, Voila!

3. Special: Ink Box Life Hacks
   In Indonesia, we buy a stamp from a stamp maker. They always included an ink box. Yesterday, I found an abandoned ink box. I want to throw it to the trash bin, but then, I thought I could made some crafts from it! Yes, and these are the results:

a. Photo Frame from an Ink Box
    These are what you need:
- a scissor
- an ink box
- a glue
- some paper tape/washi tape
- a photo (well, I took that photo from a newspaper)

How to make:

    See those stains? Well, that make your photo looks 'eew' and 'ugly' and maybe, cheap. So, all you need is stick those tape on it.


   After sticking those tapes, now you can stick the photo with glue. I recommended super glue or double-sided tape, but I don't have any of them.


   See the other side? The only thing to do is, stick another photo on it. Blank page is boring, right? (P.S: You can stick another photo, a quote, a magazine page, whatever you want)

4. This is it!

   Yay! Here's the final! Now you can decorate it as you want!

b. Mini-Note Holder and Card Holder from an Ink Box
    Not only photo frame, you can transform it into mini-note holder and card holder! Just cut some paper, and put them inside the ink box. Here's the result:


   If you are a fellow lazy boy / girl, do you have any lazy life hacks?

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